Ensuring Quality in GeoPoll Research

GeoPoll prides itself on offering best-in-class quality, impartiality, and speed in all of our work. As a result, multinational firms, local organizations, and implementing partners rely on [...]

GeoPoll Releases Pan African & Afghanistan Media Ratings for 1st Quarter 2017

  The GeoPoll media measurement service launched in 2 more countries at the beginning of Quarter 1 2017.  We are excited to announce that we now have overnight data on media rankings in Ethiopia [...]

GeoPoll Supports Young Kenyans Access Youth-Friendly Services and Better Jobs

In March and April 2017, GeoPoll conducted two activities critical to enabling Kenyan youth (aged 18-35) gain the skills and support they need to compete and succeed in the workplace. Between [...]

Harnessing Mobile Technology to Support Liberia’s Domestic Revenue Mobilization

In March 2017, GeoPoll conducted a text messaging campaign to 37,000 should-be Liberian taxpayers in advance of the upcoming tax deadline. The campaign provided information with the payment [...]

Measuring Youth Sentiments about Civic Participation across Africa

At 1.5 billion, today’s global youth (aged 15 to 34 years old) is the largest in history.  They are driving changes in economic opportunities, development, and, increasingly, political systems. [...]

Radio Listenership Improves Farming Practices in Ghana, GeoPoll Survey Finds

In November 2016, GeoPoll surveyed 1,051 farmers in Ghana to understand how interactive rural radio programming affects the uptake of promoted maize and rice practices. The survey, commissioned [...]

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